Central West Tennessee Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous 

Huntingdon Group  8pm
Holy Family Catholic Church 265 Gotham Drive
4/20/18     Terry B.  32 yrs., Dan  28yrs. 

Brownsville Group 

8 pm eat at 7pm
3/28    Group Anniversary  35years, (potluck) speaker Big Bob

Martin Group   8pm
2/17/18  Cathey G.  30yrs, Donald G. 16yrs, Jacqueline S.  8yrs, Raeann P. 4yrs.  

Selmer Group
53rd Anniversary  eating@ 7pm, meeting @ 8pm
2/24/18   Terry M. 22yrs,  Steve F. 26yrs.

Bolivar Group 

eat @ 7pm, speaker @ 8
2/23/18   Dolly R. 33yrs, Mike L.  33yrs, Mike K. 9yrs
speaker – Brad A

Nooners  Group  12pm
2/17   Sandy B.  8yrs, Terry W.  10yrs, Speaker – Clarence M.   

P.U.S.H.  Group  
2/23/18    Tess M. 11yrs.,  Ester 32yrs., Speaker – Betsy D

10&6 Group  10am
2/17/18   Bobby K.  20yrs.,
2/24/18   Caroline P.  6yrs., Speaker – Christy T.

Henderson Group  8pm
2/25/18   Sonny B.  19yrs.,  Speaker – Dan C.   

Milan  Fellowship @ 8pm
First General Baptist Church  1039 Frank St. Milan TN.
3/31/18    Josh G.  1yr.     

Intergroup meets the second Sunday of every month. Groups are reminded to buy literature at Intergroup BEFORE the meeting begins.

Next meeting will be March 11, 2018

Host will be the Tucker Street Group and F.N.Y.